In this article, we are going to build a highly dynamic copy management system for an Angular application using Transloco and Airtable.

I’ve been working at PomeloHealth for 2 years as a front-end lead developer. We develop web solutions to improve access to healthcare for all and we aim to provide a better patient experience across the globe. Because of this, internationalization is an important part of what we do, and we already manage English, French, and Spanish. Given the company’s rate of growth, we will certainly have to manage other languages in the future. …

In this article we are going to build a Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework and Nest.js.

Why this article ? I love Node.js, but Node.js is very permissive and impose nothing. These projects can be a big mess and can quickly become anarchy. For example, when I developed chatbots, I used the Microsoft Bot Builder SDK for Node.js and I wasn’t satisfied with my project structure and I had a lot of trouble to understand the chatbot logic as the project grew up.

Recently, I discovered Nest.js framework which effectively address one of the pain points of Nodejs projects: architecture…


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